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Honey Festival September 26, 2015 - Become a Vendor

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Honey Festivals: A Sweet Celebration!

Honey Festival Vendor Application 2015

Becoming a Vendor at Honey Festival
Honey Festivals are a great way to sell and share with the public your uniquely crafted creations. At Honey Festivals, our goal is to promote regional, small batch, hand-crafted, natural arts by providing a venue, events and services that focus on a sweet experience for festival patrons.

email Honey Festival
Please note that availability may be limited and that submission of the application does not necessarily constitute acceptance or registration.

Tell us about the small-batch, hand-crafted, natural arts product(s) you would like to sell or share at a booth at the Honey Festival.

To be a retail vendor, typical business licencing requirements must be met.

Are there other aspects of your product(s) that you would like to share with us. Feel free to include any additional contact information

Please provide as much information as possible about your product and booth needs, such as...

Minimum Booth Size
Do you need a canopy tent, tables or chairs?
Do you need electricity?
Are you a food or beverage vendor?
If choosen to participate as a vendor at Honey Festival, we will contact you by email regarding your product pricing, details, terms and registration information.